Jungle Kitchen

The Kitchen

Jungle Kitchen is an initiative where we spread and promote the benefits of entheogens. Jungle Kitchen is designed to share information and activities for holistic change and life transformation.

We organize ayahuasca retreats in Spain which are dynamic, effective and integrative. The principals of our practice start with ayahuasca (yage) and other plant medicine such as San Pedro, Magic Mushrooms and DMT (pure and Changa). Our ceremonies are conceived through experiential community-bonding and skilled facilitation.

The foundation of our core principles rest in the following: Medicine, Safety, Professionalism, Service, Community, Integrity, and Heart. That is what we strive to uphold in everything we do.

We continuously focus our efforts on making this experience meaningful and lasting, with an emphasis on practical understanding and long-lasting results. Feedback and return guests is a testament to the sacred power of ayahuasca in conjunction with Jungle Kitchen practice. Since our inception, it has been and continues to be our mission to promote and share the life-changing experiences that ayahuasca ceremonies and other medicine plants helps to achieve in a supportive, safe, and professional environment.