Jungle Kitchen


We promote the benefits of entheogens in your life


What are entheogens?

The entheogens are substances of vegetable, animal or synthetic origin that produce a state of altered consciousness that allows us to disidentify the idea we have of ourselves (the “I”) and our history or past. This state offers a portal to a  to face various emotional blocks, fear, traumas, addictions and death. In short, entheogens are a tool that allows us to change our lives in order to finally live better. It is a type of psychoactive substance that induce a spiritual experience aimed at self-development. The term entheogen is often used to contrast recreational use of the same substance. Ayahuasca is the perfect natural resource for a new start

From the JungleKitchen we aim to extend the knowledge and promote the use of those substances that can be found in nature either in its flora or fauna and can be of help for individuals in their path for self-development and discovery.